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How to Buy Replacement Power Adapter?

How to Buy Replacement Power Adapter?

The power adapter supplied with your laptop, smartphone or tablet is an imperative gadget for a number of reasons. Initially, it enables you to power your device from the mains power outlet. Furthermore, these devices are designed to be portable and powered by an internal battery. Every portable device will need its battery re-charged and the power adapter or charger allows for this to happen.

There can be considerable situations where you may need to purchase a replacement power adapter. If existing power adapter no longer providing a lifeline to your device, then you need to establish if the power adapter is defective, and a replacement adapter may be required. You may consider buying an extra set of the power adapter to keep and use at an alternative location such as home and or at a workplace or frequently visited places.

You should take a great deal of care when buying a replacement power adapter as it can be easy to purchase the wrong item. All power adapters are not universal and are unique to certain laptop brands and models. There are some vital elements you need to consider when acquiring a new replacement power adapter, these consists of

Matching Power Rating and Connector
V = Volts it is essential to match the output voltage of replacement power adapter with your device before making a purchase, usually, you can find power rating details under the laptop or portable device casing. Alternatively, you can search for the device manufacturer’s guide. According to some electrical professionals, voltage tolerance of + or - 5% should be acceptable by most portable devices.  

A = Amperes or current, ensure that replacement ac adapter has at least the same rating as a minimum required by the device. You may use power adapters with a slightly higher rating, as the device will only draw as much current as it needs. You must not use the power adapter with a lower current, an adapter with lower current can overheat and it will struggle to power and charge the device and may stop working at all.

W = V*A Watts, this is a combination of volts and amperes, power adapters also know with power rating such as 10w, 15w, 20w, 45w, 65w, 85w, 90w, 120w, 150w, 180w and so on. Usually, tablets and smartphone ac adapters are between 10w to 20w.

Connector type: Dc connector or pin provides the connection between the power adapter and the device. Pin size is usually defined with two numbers, a big number for external and a small number for internal diameter, respectively. It is mandatory to select replacement power adapter or charger which has an exact same fitting of dc connector or pin as of the original power charger of such device. Universal power adapters are usually supplied with several dc pins to fit with multiple laptop series. Some Dell and HP ac adapter dc pins may look alike, but may not be compatible with each other, these are fitted with smart chips to detect and power only relevant devices. Ac adapters for tablets and smartphones with USB connector requires a charging cable such as micro USB, USB C type or Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad.

Types of AC Adapters

Usually, brand new digital portable devices are supplied with one set of ac adapter, and these are designed to fit the specific brand or model. If an AC adapter becomes faulty or lost, you will need to replace it. There are a few types of AC adapters to choose from:

Genuine AC Adapters: These are 'like for like' replacement adapters supplied by original product manufacturers and should match your existing adapter in every way. You may find these priced extremely high and sold directly by device manufacturers.

Replacement AC Adapters: Replacement ac adapters are identical to original ac adapters, these are manufactured by a third party and usually one model of ac adapter can power numerous models of the same family of laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Ac adapters supplied by are designed to match or exceed the quality of original ac adapters. We make every effort to make sure our supplied ac adapters comply with latest UK and European safety standards.

Universal AC Adapters: These are designed to fit a range of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If you are considering a universal power adapter, ensure that output power rating is suitable for your device and also ensure it has a suitable dc pin or connector for your device. As so many newer models of portable devices are produced with different size of dc jacks, it is a challenging task for power adapter manufacturers to include all types of dc pins with universal adapters.

USB C Power Delivery: USB PD is the latest technology which supports power delivery of up to 100W while transmitting data in a single cable. USB PD is designed to be a greater universal charging standard that allows to power up and charge a range of digital devices such as smartphones, consoles tablets, and laptops fitted with USB C PD charging technology. These are also known as USB C type power chargers. These power adapters are fitted with a smart chipset to deliver power up to 70% faster than standard power adapter. Lite-an 65w USB PD can smartly auto-detect the connected device and it can power up and charge smartphone @ 5V and laptop @ 20v. More and more new devices including smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy, Google’s new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are
the latest handsets to adapt the USB PD technology and other well-known smartphones, tablets and laptops including some MacBook’s now adopting this most advanced charging technology. Lite-an 65W USB PD can produce various power outputs such as 5V, 9V, 12V, 15v, 20v, and can charger laptops such as Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple MacBook.

List of USB C PD enabled devices can be checked in the following links: